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  1. Where were you years ago?! :'<
    but yeah, you explained all the basics in a great time , you could have also mention the plugins so they could experience more ig, but still a perfect quick tutorial of all basic.

  2. This is the video I was looking for! All the ones that say you go too fast or they won’t remember it, missed the point of the video, this tells you the essence of the program in quite a short time

  3. I love the video man. One thing I would kindly ask of you however is to please go easy on the terms, or at least explain the vocabulary you use. I had a hard time understanding what some of these things are, and I dont blame you, I just know I cant be the only one struggling with that part of it.

  4. anyone knows why i don't have the numbers beside "position", "scale" and all of those? and i don't have the "mode" column or any column beyond that one either. it's like the tab is cut or something, someone please help me out

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