Premiere Pro Tag – Basics, Tips and WTF

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I met a lot of people who hated the bad marks in Adobe Premier Pro. Then I found that they didn't know how to use them as span tags. More description. ▼


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  1. Great tips! I have one question you mention about Alt+M at both 0:59 and 1:14. When I try it, it only does what it does for you at 1:14 but not what it should do in 0:59, and I think that feature is actually really good to directly be able to create a marker and change it's color/note/length

  2. Great Video! I have more tips. Hit/tap M twice on the same time spot and watch what happens. ??
    Second remap the CTRL key with the left and right arrows for very fast Marker navigation combined with the up/down arrows. Last tip is that any of the time indicators allows for quick jumps or in the Marker setting the duration by typing 100 for 1 second or 1200 for 12 secs etc.

  3. Muito bom amigo! qual modelo de camera você usa? quantos frames e velocidade do obturador você usa nas suas gravações? Atualmente eu uso uma camcorder da sony PXW X70 e tenho dificuldades em deixar a melhor configuração para usar em minhas filmagens. Forte abraço. Alan Inkmania

  4. You don't have to opt/alt click only in the Preview window to split a marker to span. You can do it in the timeline and save mouse movement. And color markers with a keyboard shortcut

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