Lightroom Beginner Tutorial – Learn how to import photos into Lightroom

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Lightroom Starter Tutorial: Learn how to import photos into Lightroom. I will guide you through adding photos on the memory card and importing images already on your computer. You will also learn where your Lightroom product catalog is located and the options for storing your product catalogs and images on internal and external drives.


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  1. +ValeriesPhotoChannel Hi ma'am! I have a question… if I put my photos from my shoots organized ALL in dropbox and want to import them from there to Lightroom directly for editing, would it be a better option to use the "ADD" (Add photos to catalog without moving them) option instead of the "COPY" (Copy photos to a new location and add to catalog) option, at the top? Reason being is… the actual master files are all backed up to dropbox anyway… wouldn't it save space instead of copying the photos to another location duplicating files taking up space on my hard drive?

    Does that make sense? I hope i explained and asked clearly? lol thank you so much for your time! 🙂

  2. I am trying to import photos from my computers hard drive. But, for some strange reason the files are dimmed. Therefore I cannot import them. What is going on?

  3. Could you please answer a few questions for me?

    I'm new to Lightroom, and imported a few photos to my desktop. I later noticed that all of my photos were individually saved, not in an actual folder. How can I put them in a folder, because this is not working out lol? What went wrong? Also, on file renaming … The only options I have on the drop down list are customs name and edit. I don't have anything else on there. If you could please help I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your videos

  4. Hey Valerie FANTASTIC. Very easy to follow. 10 out of 10. Although I buy all my equipment at B & H in NY and love those guys….. their tutorials on lightroom is about 2 hours long. Too much information all at once is hard to absorb especially when the best way to learn any software is practice in stages. Anyway I do have one question I hope you can help with. My Photo Library is on an external hard drive. It's about 400GB in total size and consist of 3 folders with a lot of subfolders. For example 1 Main folder is "special events" with sub-folder Christmas & sub-folder "2015" My question is if I import the main folder "special events" will Lightroom automatically import and set up the sub-folders "Christmas" and its sub-folders of the different years along with all the rest of the folders that are in "special events" ?? Thank you

  5. Thank you Valeries, very instructive and helpful videos. When you import the photos from a memory card to the disk, you create the folder for these photos, before you import this one or you can create the folder in lightroom. finally, if my photos are organized by date, but now I want to create multiple folders to organize the photos for places,things etc. how could i do that?. Thanks

  6. I appreciate your straight forward approach to lightroom.  As a beginner, the other tutorials have too much information at first, so it is hard to achieve as it becomes too overwhelming.

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