How to Mix for Beginners (in Photoshop)

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Popular demand here! :d

Sakimichan hairbrush link (mentioned in the video):

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  1. Thanks For This Tutorial …. I Just Got My First Drawing Tablet…… And Just Now Figuring Out How To / CONTROL Everything Well Not Completely… But Learning…. So Many People Blend Differently I See On YouTube Vids…. Love This… Because I Understand How PS Works… From Doing Art With A Mouse….. This Makes A Lot Of Sense ty

  2. Do you explain anywhere about the pens right at the beginning? I'm struggling with that and no one so far that I've come across, has gone into depth about that. It's like the starting point… Thank you.

  3. Thanks, been using Sai for a long time, finally decided I should jump to Photoshop and got a bit overwhelmed (even though I used to use it as a kid but It's changed a bit and I basically forgot everything). Going to check out your other stuff.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to make this. I found it just after watching another good tut on blending from Jesus Conde. But the airbrush, various blur, and other techniques were very helpful!

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