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  1. You refer to Podcasts but what about radio broadcasts? We produce programming for radio stations and in North America, and for SiriusXM satellite radio. We have just begin inserting metatag data for readouts on radios that have RDS on screen capability. We're just not sure where to enter the info…BWF, ID3 or CART? Thanks

  2. Hey, Mike. Thanks for the video. Just what I needed. I have just begun using Adobe Audition; have used Logic Pro for years, but Audition comes with my Adobe subscription so I thought I would try. So far I am impressed, but when I had clicked "metadata" in "view" it was kind of hidden off to the right. Have an iMac 27" and things can get lost at times. Anyway, your video got me exactly where I needed to be; much appreciated.

  3. Hi Mike, I've learned quite a lot from your tutorials here on Youtube. I'm pursuing a career in professional sound design for live theatre and audio post production for film and television and I wanted to begin selling some of the sound effects that I have been producing. I wanted to know which metadata format in Adobe Audition would be most appropriate for adding metadata for sound effects and foley? Thanks!

  4. Use Tunesgo to Clean up all music automatically
    Step 1. Launch TunesGo
    Step 2. Select ITUNES LIBRARY > Music
    Step 3. Click "Clean Up" to clean up music in iTunes
    Click "Clean Up", then "Scan" to start the file scanning, after that, click "Fix" to finish the process. You can fix iTunes music Tags, missing covers, deplicate tracks and missing tracks by one click. (Note: Get screenshots for the comparison before and after cleaning up, the 4 different scenes' screenshots should be included.)
    Step 4. Succeed Cleaning Up iTunes.

  5. Mike, the podcast gurus generally suggest using other programs for doing ID3 tags. Is Adobe Audition good enough? I would really prefer doing it here since I'm doing all my editing in Audition. Also, I can add the episode image in PowerPress can't I, instead of iTunes? Just trying to streamline everything.  Thanks for all your videos!

  6. I've been using Audition for nearly a year now and didn't know you could add Metadata. Also, I'm surprised that you can't add images in Audition. Wonder if they'll ever consider adding that feature. That would eliminate my use of iTunes all together.

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