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This Photoshop CS6 tutorial describes how to use the new redefined clipping tool, including a discussion of cropping overlays and new settings. Watch more

This particular tutorial is a single video from Chapter 7 of the Photoshop CS6 Photographer New Features course by author Chris Orwig. The complete…

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  1. Excellent video. I was used to the CS5 crop tool and never got comfortable using the tool in CS6, but with a bit of practice I see it's far more versatile and useful. Thanks.

  2. Can I ask a question ? I can't change or adjust my crop area box in photoshop CS6, anybody knows how to solve this problem? Anytime I click on the crop tool, I can't change or adjust the curve of crop box. It seems happen when I use rectangular tool, magic wand tool, lasso tool.

  3. I've been cropping 1:1 (square) and when I try to resize cropped part, I get unequal ratio, for example 300px width and 299px height (cropped size was 700×700 for example). Why does it change that way, can you help?

  4. Well I'm glad I am not alone. I came here to see if there is a way to revert back to the old crop tool that was perfect. I hate the new crop tool. Software & websites just CAN.NOT. leave things as is or a least leave the option. So is there a way. Going to the crop tool settings gives you an option to use "Classic" version but it is not the same.

  5. I love the new crop tool. As with most things that have more flexibility, there are more options and check boxes to be aware of, this video helped summarize those. Thanks!

  6. I have been using PS since CS2, This change had to be made by someone who simply does not use the crop tool as it is now overly cumbersome and needlessly complicated. You cannot get much easier than pressing C, entering your size and resolution, then dragging your crop area…done. It was one of the few areas of PS that didn't need a tutorial. Thanks for posting this. Unfortunately, it doesn't address the way many of us used the crop-tool in the last 5 versions of PS.

  7. but what happened to the ability to crop to a specific PPI setting? I'd like to automatically take the crop to 72ppi without having to take the extra step through "Image Resize". I'm a little perturbed that this option is missing.

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