My favorite Lightroom plugin and secret weapon – Luminar!

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In this example, I will show you how Luminar can take your photos to a new level. Sometimes they are filters that Lightroom can't do and Luminar has. This is really my favorite plugin!


If you want to see my favorite…

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  1. Hi Serge,

    I'm pretty sure that you could achieve most of the results that you did with Luminar by using the brush tool and it is not much more difficult to do. As you mentioned, dodge & burn can be easily achieved in LR. So can adding clarity (detail) and brightening up the the city and changing the color temp in selected areas. I also agree with the comments below that this was not a great photo to work on. Very fuzzy (city swag?) and pretty boring IMHO.

    I will add to the comments below that in the past, I have learned A LOT from your tutorials. REALLY, A LOT!! As such I am eternally indebted too you. But if I am being honest, recently, you seem to have run out of new ideas and/or are focussed too much on selling your courses and/or promoting other software, which I assume you get a bit of a 'kick-back'. I still enjoy your work however, and will remain a loyal subscriber.

    Thanks for listening. Hope you take this 'criticism' in a constructive manner as it is intended.

  2. 1. It’s not “boundary WRAP” but boundary “warp”
    2. I’ve just started playing with Luminar for Windows. It has the potential to be very good BUT it can take a long, long time (I switched off my computer after 150 minutes waiting for a Luminar-processed file to export back to Lightroom on one occasion) to export. The spec quotes 4Gb of memory minimum; I have 8. The consensus of opinion amongst other users is that 16 are needed. I feel that Skylum rushed to get a Windows version ‘out there’ before it was ready. They charge exactly the same for a poorly functioning Windows version as for a fully functioning Mac version. They have done themselves no favours at all in doing what they have done. I suspect that there will be a lot of dissatisfied Windows users who feel somewhat cheated.

  3. Luminar for windows is the worst program I tried in 2017…. either fix the bugs folks or just stick to MAC… its pretty bad right now… the fact you are plugging this stuff instead of teaching like you used to is just sad…. unsubbing.. 🙁

  4. I loved this one Serge because I was struggling to edit one of my photos in LR an PS but with a one click preset in Luminar it jumped out of the screen and to quote your good self BOOM!.

  5. I've been using some of your sky overlays to replace dull skies but I struggle to mask the areas I want to cover with the sky when there are a lot of details like flag poles, antennas etc on top of buildings or see through windows or architectural shapes that show the old sky and they are hard to retouch when you have so many tiny details everywhere. I would love a tutorial on those tiny details

  6. Serge, just to let you know, so far, the Windows version of Luminar sucks. Too many bugs, and not a lot of features for Windows users. I have never seen a program in development for this long. It is not a Mars spaceshot. Its a photo editor, for crying out loud.

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