Adobe Edge Tutorial Motion Text Effects Dreamweaver jQuery

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I use Dreamweaver, CSS, and Adobe Edge to share my production technology to create dynamic text graphics – learn how to quickly and easily develop edge graphics using proven adobe training methods. Learning, thinking, way of Edg e THINKS

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  1. Don't take this as a criticsm, but I know Flash and dreamweaver enough to follow this vid easily, which is great. What I was surprised was that you didn't put the animation in context within a regular HTML page. It may be obvious to some but I was wondering if I just include the wrapper in a page, or whatever?

  2. @websitemarketingpro thanks the kind words… my videos teach you advanced techniques… they are all simple step-by-step because I MAKE them SIMPLE- other youtube tutorials will ONLY confuse you because most of them are a DOG AND PONY SHOW. I involve my students in the thinking process to comprehend and develop great production techniques. These techniques I share are based on my time-tested 24 yrs (since 1987) of Adobe training and production techniques…Techniques you will NOT find elsewhere

  3. This is a great introduction, thanks! I've been wanting to dive into Adobe Edge, and this will give me a jumpstart. btw, I'm a new subscriber who just found you on YouTube a few days ago. I've watched some of your other tutorials and get a lot out of your fast paced teaching style with all the simple hints and shortcuts to make design a lot easier.

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