3D text animation in After Effects tutorial – No third-party plugin

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Here is another After Effects tutorial, this time we created a beautiful 3D text, without using any third-party plug-ins, all built-in After Effects. We also showed how to create 3D text in After Effects and how to create bounced text animations in post-effects. So look and create yourself some amazing text.

As always, this tutorial is free, and we did not use any third-party plug-ins to create it.

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  1. Hello. I watch your tutorial but I dont get the part of "you can get this script from description" I'm so sorry what description…. please help me solve this problem T_T

  2. For some reason, the lines of the background seem to bleed to the front when I enable 3D, but I think it still looks good with the 2D background. I will probably fiddle with it later to see if I can fix it but for right now I'm satisfied.

  3. Oh its your BD? 30 August? Like my sister)) Thank you sir for your tutorials, ur awesome man and i really appreciate you for helping me with AE)
    P.S Sorry for my English, i am still learning it)

  4. Sir, exactly on 8 minutes 43 seconds you say keyframe position adding to camera, but in CS4 it is not enabled , how to enable it, I'm new to after effect ,
    Waiting for your reply..
    Thankyou in advance

  5. I use different Technic…I matt the text with any texture duplicate it >>add dropshadows angle it a little bit till i get the 3d look lower the opacity slightly. but I like your Technic more because now I can use the camera and still looks 3d …thanks

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