Photoshop Tutorial – Stain Removal, Photo Fix

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Photoshop tutorial on how to repair old scan photos, remove stains, watermarks, smudge noise and scratches

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  1. Great video, this has already been helpful for me. My only issue is with the volume. I had my speakers, computer and the youtube volume turned up all the way and it still sounded like mumbling.I was able to follow along for the most part. Thank you for the tips.

  2. Another way I found to correct yellowing in old color photos is the following…

    1 – Make a selection around the area with the yellowing and put in its own layer
    2 – Go to  Image –> Adjusments –> Hue/Saturation 
    3 – Select the Yellow channel and adjust the Hue = -21 ; Saturation = -21 ; Lightness = 30. 
          Depending on the photo, you may want to experiment with different values here to get a better result.

    Repeat these steps for every yellow area of the photo.

  3. David,

    Thank you for taking the time to make this video on removing stains.  I will use this technique to restore church paintings that have been damaged by water and stains produced by using the wrong kind of protective art glaze.

  4. from India —— sir, please type the matter narrating removing of stains, since the option boxes letters very small hence I could not able to read them to follow. also if the video moves slowly it will be highly thankable

  5. Great tutorial, but have to admit, I had my audio all the way up, and my speakers are made by Bose, so you know they can be cranked up high, and still, I could barely hear you.

    I didn't stay till the end, only five minutes, because its frustrating not being able to hear the tutorial. If there is another one with better audio or one can be remade, it would be greatly appreciated by those of us older who also work with photoshop. Thanks for the video….I'm sure its good, but….

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