Simple Cloning Technology – Adob ​​e After Effects Tutorial

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Have you ever thought: "If only I two people?" Well now can have … in the video anyway. This is the easiest way to use all the cloning techniques for non-interactive parts of the frame and to mix the locked shots. This increased interest when two clones actually pitched each other in the second half.

If you have a gene therapy lab and some stem cells, this doesn't sound as crazy as it sounds. Then you can make your own clones without having to worry about these late effects…

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  1. at present cloning would produce a genetically identical baby. It would still need to grow and mature and learn like a normal person. Are you sure you would like a baby to raise?

  2. If you change the opacity of a layer you are only changing the opacity of that layer. Perhaps you're observing an unintended effect but it's certainly not changing the brightness of another layer. Try soloing layers to better visualize what's happening.

  3. After Effects might not be free but you can get a full featured trial of it for a month from Adobe's website. It's worth a go to try out. And don't sweat the comments. Purposefully bad annotation jokes aren't for everyone and it's totally cool if people don't dig what I put out there all the time.

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