DUIK Character Indexing Tutorial

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Learn how to use the DUIK IK tool to create simple characters in After Effects.
Thanks to duduf.net's free play!

Click here to download my role to follow!

This video is part of the online course at the School of Media Arts at the University of Montana. Click here to learn more.

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  1. Wonder if you could help!? I'm actually auto-rigging a horse… following this tut, which is essentially working all the way through… but when I get to the Spine Auto Rig (whether I am rigging a horse or a man) I can't get past the Spine Auto rig which should move to the tail (none I have) to hitting OK so I can see my controllers. What would cause it to not move on from there? I can't click NEXT, nor PREVIOUS… just stuck in limbo.

  2. Hello.
    I'm having trouble finding away to parent a duik (auto rig) controller (foot) to another layer (to control position and rotation). Any idea if this is possible without having to keyframe?


  3. For some reason Duik isn't letting me place more than one pin. I create the first pin and then the pin goes away and doesn't let me continue creating the other two pins in the arm. What's happening?????? I can't find anything online about this. When I go to Effects the only thing I see is: Puppt > on transparent and Compositions > Effect…ity. Help!

  4. hey i have a problem…
    when i press on bone button it says: After Effects warning: Bad argument: couldn't find layer named 'Right leg' Expression disabled
    Error ocurred at line 1.
    comp:'Comp 1'
    Layer: 11 ('B_Puppet Pin 1')
    Property: 'Position'
    mybe cuz i reinstall duik? i wanted older version so delete files and install new one. u know how to fix it please?

  5. I go true every step 3 times, each time after finish autoriging it creates just one shape controller for left foot.
    Where am i mistaking, or maybe this is some bug in my duik. Any help appreciated!!!

  6. BTW- this tutorial breaks down into roughly two parts – the first 20 minutes is how to rig, the second twenty: working with the rig once it's made. For me it was perfect to do it over two days. You can really absorb and remember the steps. I cannot imagine a better way to learn basic rigging than this video. Thanks so much Wesley Meeks!

  7. Thank you for the sensational tutorial. Very clear. Initially I hesitated at the 40 minute length and looked for shorter Duik tutorials but for anyone looking to learn how to rig — WATCH THIS TUTORIAL.

  8. This is really a good tutorial, I think even beginners in after effects can follow along easy, everything is very well explained, specialy the auto rig functions, Thumbs up mate, great job!

  9. I have been searching everywhere for a tiny tidbit of information you so awesomely gave in this. Thank you so very much!! <3 I loved the whole thing! Nobody else I was finding was covering everything as in-depth as you. Thank you so much!

  10. Bro you are awesome .. your this hole tutorial help me to learn new things in after effects . Thanks for share your Knowledge with us . .

  11. I know this is a strange question, but what song is at the beginning of all your vids? I can't place it. Also, this tutorial was great and helped me immensely with the DUIK rigging!

  12. A good, basic tutorial but extremely long for all that it covers by the end. Could have skipped over a bunch of the repetition when naming bones or demonstrating line by line…by line… by line… how the autorig looks for bone names. Haha. Thanks for refreshing my memory on how to use this, though.

  13. cant sit thru 40 mins but is there a part in your video where you explain how to make a successful Rot Morph in version 15, the method i used in version 14 does not work in 15.

  14. Thanks for the tutorial! Got the update for Duik and was like "wtf this is different and it's not working and the guys who created it don't speak english help!"

    You're a life saver!

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