Changing the taste of landscape photography and image editing

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Back in 2006, I used the Canon 300D to take landscape photography and use Photoshop to process images. Most of the processing I have done looks like it was taken on Fuji Velvia movies. Now when I look at these images, I wince because my taste changes.

In this video, I return to re-processing a landscape image taken 12 years ago. I am presenting the original landscape image processed in Lightroom and using it as the 2007 “Scenery Photographer” exhibition. I…

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  1. Hard to believe… that tastes have changed that much! Watching your workflow and listening to your reasoning is both interesting and helpful. As usual. It's been good seeing you use of some of the various newer PP packages out there now. Have you any thoughts about how to decide – faced with an image to process – which one to turn to (after Lightroom)? Which one is best for which type of image??

  2. It's true then – keep a RAW file and you can do whatever and whenever you like. Mind you, having a good composition to start with does help!
    A fascinating insight. Thankyou.

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