Learn sketches and ink works in Illustrator CC!

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Learn how to make your pencil sketch work in the illustrator's work! |We will create some custom brushes and use opacity to create some pretty strokes.

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In this Illustrator tutorial, we will use sketches that have been scanned into our computer and create a series of rough sketches on the sketch…

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  1. I need serious help with vectorisation arts. When I draw on a black slate the pen colour's black but when I add a scanned drawing in order to redraw over it, the pen colour always turns white. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

  2. That was awesome my friend. You did an excellent job explaining your every move as well as just an excellent job all the way around. Many thanks. I’m hitting the subscribe on my iPhone but nothing is happening. I’ll figure it out.

  3. The shaper tool is nice, but I think the eraser tool works better. Just select the shape you want and it will only erase that line, even when there are other shapes overlapping/crossing

  4. Thank you, Nathan. Thank you for all the tutorials. Appreciate it. I recently got an iPad Pro. I want to use that as a tablet or sketchpad or like Wacom tablet. I have Adobe CC on my windows 10 desktop and considering my options to connect the iPad Pro to Adobe CC 2018. Can you suggest a couple of applications that will let me use my iPad Pro (with apple pencil) effectively?

  5. Awesome, thanks.  color and shade tutorial would be great. One question: Why do you not use the pen tool? I don't like the pencil tool. Do you think the pen tool would also work? Deke McClelland only does it with the pen tool.