#7 Using Layer Masks – Photoshop for Beginners

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More beginner tutorials are here:
Learn how to use layer masks to work non-destructively.

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  1. multe informatii bune… dar as vrea sa stiu cum pot face desen tehnic, schite, linii drepte si curbe, umplere de spatii cu culoare, text in desen si altele.Mi-ar prinde tare bine un asmenea episod. Mersi anticipat

  2. Wonderful tutorials. Clear, concise, and much appreciated. So glad I found you on YouTube. Great series. Please continue with the beginner, neophyte in mind. Thank you so very, very much for your labors.

  3. I think you do a great job, teaching the PSP, stil I always seem to run into some stuf that does not happen in your lessons. (I guess it't due to wrong clicking of the student).
    However, this is the first really helpful tutorial series, by far!!

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