How to Magnify Images in Photoshop CC 2018 – The Best Way to High-End Photos

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How to enlarge a picture in PHOTOSHOP CC 2018 | Preserve Details 2.0 in Photoshop CC 2018, this is a brand new upgrade technology that can help you understand how to achieve high quality image quality in Photoshop while maintaining details and textures The effect makes image adjustment easier than before.

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? Using Smart Objects ► Resizing images without loss of quality

Even with Preserve Details 2.0 …

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  1. This might sound weird if you're not the right guy. But were you perhaps ever playing VR Chat as a Dog Detective? Your voice sounds very familiar from someone I met in VR Chat lol

  2. Thank you Steve, your step by step is well paced so I can keep up with the directions. Rare in YouTube. But why does photoshop Image Size leap into creating the new dimensions before I even type in the full width. e.g., I start to put in 31.2 width and it begins building the new image when I have barely got the "3" entered in the box, much less the height??

  3. I just discovered your channel, and first off let me say thank you for providing such clear, concise instructions that even I can understand! A couple of questions… do I want to apply clarity and/or sharpening in LR and then apply upscale? Also, do I apply upscale on a separate layer and if so do I flatten my layers before going back to LR? If I flatten, I won't be able to go back to make changes to that layer, right? Thank you!!

  4. Great showcase! – I have a question if you may be able to answer, when PRINTING a file at lets say 3x its original size (in 300ppi), will this new PS sharpening technique reproduce better results than LightRoom Output Sharpening? – Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi everyone, Steve Patterson here. If you're a Photoshop CC user, you'll definitely want to check out the new image upscaling technology in CC 2018 known as "Preserve Details 2.0". It's the best way to enlarge your photos, and the best upscaling technology Photoshop has ever seen. You'll find a link to my complete written version and PDF of this tutorial in the video description.

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