Best/Fastest Rendering Settings for Adobe After Effects CS6

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  1. help 😀 rendering 3 min video takes much time but i need help not fast rendering , i need to my video be small and not 3 or 5 GB , it's 3 min video, with only snow effect and audio spectrum, 😀 heelp :DD

  2. Thank you for making this video. It really helped me render my edits. I've noticed that i have been watching Adobe After Effects CC Tutorials on how to render, but my software is CS6, and i couldn't find the settings they provided me with.

  3. need help i used this method and it took 12 min to render a 8 second video i Have a i7 6700k gtx 970 and 16gb of ram this is using 30% of my ram and idk what to do

  4. Can somebody help me? Im not sure what is wrong but i just bought a Macbook pro with 16 GB ram and every time i render it only uses about 10 procent of my RAM while i have no other application running 🙁 and a standard edit takes ( approximately) 15 hours to complete for a 3 minute montage

  5. I'm using AE CC 2015, and I have no format option for H.2 something. I've tried to open Media Encoder, except it's a pos and doesn't open at all. I'm clicking, and there's nothing happening. GG, go fuck yourself Adobe. Wasting my damn money and PoS programs.

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