Create a manual using Adobe Illustrator (also create a PNG file using Adobe Fireworks)

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– In this video, I demonstrated how to create a brochure using Adobe Illustrator. Also, how to create a PNG file using Adobe Fireworks to import Adobe Illustrator to create a rich, rich color booklet.

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  1. Great stuff!
    Colorful pamphlets can also made with Illustrator? Like the pdf in this link (Its a pamphlet telling people to get life insurance)

  2. Not necessarily. He purchased them from istock which exists so people can buy these types of graphics to use for exactly that. He can't redistribute the raw graphics but he can use them for his business.

  3. Presenting a document in Illustrator to a printer would be a costly exercise. Wall graphics, van livery, all those things are GREAT in Illustrator, but giving a brochure to a printer that needs to be imposed with bleed, gutters, numbering, typograhpical control, is ameteurish to say the very least. By all means, create splendid backgrounds and logos, etc, in Illustrator, but leave the technical stuff to the big boys (Indesign/Quark). ;))

  4. Illustrator 6 has added some marvellous unctionailt, especially regarding type, but it is a Vector manipukation application – great for making logos, backgrounds, etc. there is no such thing as a 'page' in Illustrator, they are called artboards for a reason. You need bleed, gutters, columns, facing pages, for example, to make a brochure. Page numbering, master pages, layers that are not as individual as each tiny little object. Text boxes with columns, that can have spanning headlines/titles.

  5. Having designed 'brochures' for over two decades, I can confirm that, from a printer's point-of-view and from a technical point-of-view, you would NOT use Illustrator to design a brochure in any shape or form, for print. This 'brochure' must be intended for online use.

  6. This is well for web page but cant fine printing because there is used to low regulation picture like this png format direct import form net cant maintained the picture print regulation.

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