New KOLDER Perspective Transformation – DRONING THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA // After Effects 2018

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I hope you enjoy this new Sam Kolder perspective conversion. It is based on the model used by Sam Cold in his recent video "DRONING THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA".

Sam's video –

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TWITCH GLITCH TRANSITIONS | Ryan Nangle, JR Alli, Matt Komo | After Effects 2018

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  1. Awesome work on another tutorial Andrew. To be honest I think you kinda over complicated Sam's shot though, if going frame by frame it's actually just two composed shots that uses in camera transition + speed ramping. I think it's much easier to achieve if you just planned your two shots, manual focus your subject and pan in/out of a dark area and merge the clips together. Still though great work for shots that aren't planned otherwise.

  2. Sam kolder have not done this. He use a script pack made by a chines man. People dont know nothing about this fake editor. Kolder is Just a travel guy, he just pretend to be a editor.

  3. Awesome tutorials Andrew. Keep up with the good work. A little suggestion is that if you could bump up your master volume of your voice while being at the desktop. I've noticed that volume drops down compared to the vlogging volume. Anyway love your content. Big fan from Mauritius

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