Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 43: Fader

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This is the 43rd episode of Lightroom Quick Tips, I gave a quick Lightroom prompt.

In this episode, I demonstrated a Lightroom plugin called "Fader" that allows you to adjust the intensity of any Lightroom preset.

I have nothing to do with the company that launched the "fader". It is shareware and can be tried for free from here:

If you like it, the developer will ask for $10.

This and future Lightroom Quick Tips Episode can…

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  1. June
    Hi Anthony
    I've downloaded this Fader, But from Lightroom, File > Plug-in Extra it opens in full screen covering my image, I can't see my adjustments. The only thing I can see different is the File Path, Mine is going to the desktop.I don't know how to change that, Any ideas what I need to do to make this work please.

  2. Anthony; thanks for you tutorials. I have a question, based on your experience: Yesterday I paid by means of Ebay US10 to that company, but I haven´t received any response from them, no serial, no activation, etc, although the transfering was succesful. Based on what you have seen, do they take so long in sending the activation key? This may be useful to some other person, that's why I make this comment. Thanks again for your tutorials.

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