Seabed Under-water After Effects Tutorial

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  1. Hey man, thanks for the tutorial. I think something went wrong while editing your video though. At the end, it cuts from applying the oval mask on the 2nd adjustment layer to "Don't forget to wiggle your camera a bit aaaand you're done!" while suddenly a ton of layers and adjustments have been added. No info about how to do the text, or the camera animations, or what the new layers entail.

    Can you re-upload the full tutorial with the missing stuff at the end included? Thanks!

  2. Hello can you explain me one little thing? 01:56 when you make alt click to make the effect : time *200, in mac I tried and it doesn't open the space for me to write it down. I wanted to know if you can tell me another way of making the effect?

  3. Amigo ten por seguro que usare parte de tu tutorial e ideas para crear mejores videos muchas gracias por tu conocimiento me suscribo y espero tu también veas y te suscribas a mi canal suerte y éxito like

  4. Hello! I love the tutorial! And I love the final product. Only one problem. I need to it be 15 seconds, but I set the composition to 5 seconds from the start. I managed to extend every Pre-comp and composition to 15 seconds, but it does not use the sea level and floor animations, it just shows the rays and solid blue. Can you please help?

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