Pink and blue photos in LIGHTROOM editorial style

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Learn how to edit photos in pink and blue style.
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This photo editing style was inspired by Riverdale. If you want your photo to look like Riverdale, this will tell you how.

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Lucy Martin

Lightroom tutorial

Pink and blue editing style

Pink and cyan editing style

How to edit pink blue

How to edit like riverdale

How to make a photo look like riverdale

Riverdale photo editor

Riverdale inspired photo editing

Riverdale style photo editor

Pink and blue photography

Pink and blue lightroom

Lucy Martin Tone Curve

Lucy Martin lightroom

Lightroom colourgrade tutorial

Lightroom pink blue rating

Pink and blue grading

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  1. Thank you, Lucy! Another fantastic tutorial. I cannot believe how much my editing skills have improved since I've started watching your videos. I'm now going back over some of my old photos and re-editing them. Again, many thanks!

  2. Very interesting to learn about your workflow and taste in every single video. How you achieves a gorgeous final result, even when some middle steps doesn't look that fine. But you have clear what do you want, and how to get it. That's something hard to explain, so you have to watch the whole process in different videos. Definetely I'm learning a lot from you. Thanks Lucy! ?

  3. Wow, 3 vids in a week, it's like doing "trick or treats" in paradise, die again and wake up in Candyland ?
    I have a very specific question (sorry) but maybe you've got the answer. Once I've heard about a lil software (or maybe it was a website, or something to create templates for a website ?) from Adobe where you could pick up a color on a hue wheel and it would give you the perfect matching color to go with it. Does it rings a bell to you or ? I'm such a goldfish, I forgot to write it down or I forgot where I wrote it down :/ … just like for my Lr… I forgot on which of my hard drive I've saved it… 30 000 pics to sort later, I'm starting a bit to be worried ab how to edit them in a life time ???

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