After Effects Template – Massive HUD Pack 2 – AE Template

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After Effects Template Massive HUD Pack 2

EFEKT introduces the new After Effects template – HUD Pack vol. 2 All elements are created in After Effects, so they can be easily adjusted, and you can click Change Color in the effect template here. The effect template elements then revolve around the HD resolution, but you can zoom as needed. Any external plugins are required only after the effects of this template.

*after that……

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  1. Just download this video and delete black color (the background) with chroma and then you can get the pieces of this HUD cutting on a video editor.ย 
    If you dont want to pay 30 bucks for it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. In the "Main Settings" comp make sure you take the "*" off the "Main Settings" layer. Expressions are pointing to "Main Settings" not "*Main Settings*" – Causing me problems in 5.5.

  3. its free if you know where to look….wink :p

    Very informative though it showed me how to do many things with shapes in ae. So i will thankyou for that and the tutorial for this was cool to I may post that lol since i own a license I imagine I'm allowed to do anything I want with that tutorial…

  4. Hello I just purchased this. How do you change only certain colors? Like on the loading bar only change the bar color and leave the rest the same? Or change bar and text but leave the actual surrounding bar the same.

  5. Ohh yes please. But I guess thats not possible ๐Ÿ™

    I would pay the 30box if I could, but I dont have a credit card at the moment..

    Hoverever, awesome work with not only this work but all of your creations! Keep it up!

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