Best specifications for graphic design and Photoshop computers

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The best specifications for graphic design and Photoshop computers are recommended for computers and hardware, as described below!

In this video, I will introduce the specifications required for a graphic design computer that can handle Adobe Photoshop and other graphic design software!

Budget establishment of $550-750
Intel i5 processor 3GHz
Corsair Vengeance PRO Ram 16GB (8GBx2)
Kingston 120 GB SSD…

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  1. I have a question, I have placed roughly ten thousand pieces of fonts on my computer's local c, but it's going to slow down the trend and that it's hard to move when I open Photoshop, and I'm having a hard time scrolling fonts.

    my cpu is only 4 gigabytes, and my processor is core i3 4th generation
    so what can i do to speed up my computer?

    thanks help pls…

  2. oke so some things arent true. the clockrate of the CPU does matter when going for less cores. the clockrate is a ressettime for the cores, meaning that it can do more calculations when you overclock a CPU, but when taking more cores you can play it safe and stay at a lower clockrate:
    2 cores ; 2,5GHZ -> 5G calculations per sec
    4 cores; 1,6GHZ -> 6,4G Calculations per sec
    In other words; running a CPU with more cores at a lower clockrate, is better in some cases. You have, however, check the temperature of the CPU, as some tend to get to high and will go in a safe mode instead.

  3. Great video… need a suggestion from u, i want to build a pc for designing, my older version is 3rd gen i7 3.4 with 1gb graphic, 32gb ram and 128GB SSD…. i do design for printing industry, what should i upgrade to so i knw i am getting real performance from this upgrade? Awaiting your response…

  4. I've been using my Mac Book Pro from late 2011/2012 and it runs well, but after I updated to High Sierra, my Wacom tablet doesn't function well. I have to deinstall everything regarding the tablet and download a new driver every time I want to use it. Any tips for a new computer??/ Laptop?? I don't understand computer specs 🙁 would an​ HP Pavillion AIO 24 Desktop Intel i3 Processor, 8GB RAM MEmory, 1 TB HD be worth my time?? :O

  5. Roberto Blake Dear Roberto just needs your advice. I use Adobe illustrator. I am building a small pc starting with Ryzen 3 1200 with 8 gb of ram. Could you please help me find a budget graphics card around 50 Dollar. Or would you want me to buy a Ryzen 3 2200 G with integrated graphics which will eventually eat all the ram?. I at times do a bit of 3d revolves and bevel in illustrator. I now uses an Amd athlon II X2 260 3.20ghz processor. Is that sufficient really? Thank you

  6. If you have skills you can create logos using Illustrator on an old Core Duo machine and a crappy 128 MB video card. It doesn't matter. If you work for multiple clients, use complicate graphics with a gazillion of layers, have to open PS, AI and something else simultaneously… well it's another story. I still use occasionally an old 2007 iMac for logo design. What matters it's the final result.

  7. I work on Artboard and Ui related stuff and my specs are 12gb ram and 3.4 ghz processor and its lag too much that I can barely work. by the way I use laptop lenovo l440 and also have ssd. what you recommend?

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