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You are great, Randems has requested the goods for a while! 🙂 So I thought… why not design it to live with you! ? So, thank you very much for all Randems that have helped some really awesome advice and ideas! I am honored to be involved in the graphic design process of the new product! We have done some very good design in this process! 🙂 Fortnite is inspired by the Floss T-shirt design! Randem Gamor Rotating Pattern T-Shirt! Stay crazy and keep Randem…

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  1. Best COMMENT get pinned ! 🙂 Please leave a LIKE & Subscribe (Join the Randem Family) if you've not already ! Don't forget to turn your Notifications on ! 🙂
    So I want to thank you Randems for being here for this Live Stream ! 🙂 It was super fun having all the good ideas and feedback from you all about the Merch ideas and designs ! We got a good number of designs done this stream ! (4 done, and some more ideas to do as well !) I've copy/pasted most the Ideas !
    Unfortunately I've lost the Live Chat replay for this Live Stream ! 🙁 Any more suggestions & ideas for Merchandise !?
    Please comment below with any ideas you have ! 🙂 You can also send them to me on my Discord Server ► ! Or over to me on Twitter or Facebook @RandemGamor ! o/
    I have a section dedicated to Merch Designs & Ideas on my Discord ! 🙂 Enjoy ! o>

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