How to color, sharpen and save the web in Photoshop

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How to color images for the web

In this episode, we color the image using several different adjustment layers and then save it to the network. Let's start with the color balance adjustment layer and add green and blue to the waves. Then we add another color balance layer to bring some red and yellow to our subject and background, adding a sharp contrast to the blue. After getting our color…

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  1. Why is it that when i export my photos and select the srgb option and export it to my phone or instagram it shows different color (more saturated) and my laptop screen is in RGB (dell inspiron 7567) and even when i change it to srgb it shows now sign of changes in my screen and when i expoet the photo again it still more saturated

  2. A truly fantastic video (like all of yours). Thank you.

    Quick question: why didnโ€™t you drop your screen resolution to 72, since itโ€™s my understanding that images in the web are displayed at 72 dpi. Am I incorrect? Does it matter?

  3. Why work on the original image then create a new (copy) layer (image), size down, close original then work on copy? When you could open image go directly to "save for web" resize and modify image then?

  4. Guys can you help me ? If I take the photo on jpeg , and the settings with high sharpening looks better than if I take the photo on raw and I try to sharpening with Lightroom , it looks like the software on camera uses the sharpening on a different way , because on LR all it does it's adding noise to the edges or where ever Ratio I selected . Why ?

  5. Hi Aaron, Thank you for this tutorial. I have been watching your videos. I have always used Lightroom for my Photography but I have decided to use Photoshop for editing and your videos are helping me to learn more so thank you again. looking forward to watching more of your videos.

  6. HELP !!!! l see what your saying about the srgb , someone else said the same thing on another video my question is after l save in srgb would my 3.9 mb image come out differntly on the internet because l love it just the way it is, also Do l export the image as jpeg , or something else because l took the image as a RAW Picture

  7. when I use the spot healing tool to remove unwanted things in my image and then i do the colour balance (cmd I) and then I use the brush tool to colour the parts I want intensified (eg: the waves) it doesn't work? Can i not use the spot healing tool and the colour balancing tool on the same image? what am I doing wrong anyone know?

  8. The export tool in Light Room is more advanced than Photoshop, i can do (Sharpen for monitor) and limit the size of the photo plus every other option you need.
    All can be saved as a preset in one click ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. By the way the sky is blue because of Rayleigh Light Scattering. Basically the shorter wavelengths(blue) of light scatter more in the atmosphere giving it a blue appearance. …and by the the same principle it is the reason sunsets are a reddish orange color. The longer wavelengths of light travel further though the atmosphere when the sun is low in the horizon. Google it. ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  10. Love love love your work. oi but you make it look so effortless I can't keep up! Gives me a good excuse to pause the video and gaze at your fabulous locks though so no complaints. Keep up the good work, and keep growing the hair….

  11. Tutorial suggestion. How to set up a picture for printing on canvas, paper and metal? Converting to sRGB, 8-bit and saving to JPG? When and how to save in TIFF for printing? Resolution for canvas, paper and metal? Good tutorial and reminders on saving for the web. Thanks!

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