How to create letter portraits | Photoshop Tutorial

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In this photoshop tutorial we will see the effect of the text portrait style. But the main difference is that we will only use a single letter and attach a portrait instead of crazy text.

Very simple process Once you understand how to do it, anyone can follow it, and if you choose the right font and image, it can work anywhere.

I showed two different styles and two different ways of creating. Once you understand the first one, the second one becomes even…

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  1. Have a question. I am finding that my lines get a little jagged when finally going to preview that results. I do attempt to take my time and draw along the object with care. But I am finding that line are not smooth. Is it possible to use the Pen Tool instead – at least I am able to adjust any lines needed.  Your thoughts.

  2. One of the best tutorials on youtube. Straight to the point, fast and well explained. No American guy trying to be cool and talking about themselves for the first 15 minutes. Thanks.

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