Live: Duik Bassel Overview: Post-Assembly Effect Roles

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I have been playing with Duik Bassel for two weeks. I have gained some important insights. I hope to share with you quickly… I can finish it as soon as possible.

The links below can help you through the endless embarrassment.

00:12 – Introduction
04:18 – Structure settings
05:50 – Generating the structure
06:48 – Delete and regenerate the structure
07:30 – Important use of the buttocks
08:50 – Positioning structure
14:11 – AE New Puppet Tool for 2018
15:00 – Use nested comparisons for body parts
18:20 -…

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  1. hey Dan! You can zero out all the Controllers by selecting them, then in Bassel clicking the icon that looks like a circle with a square inside (it's in the bottom row of the Rigging -> Links and Constraints section). It just creates a null for each controller, and parents each controller to its null. So, moooore layers (!!) and slightly annoying because if you want to change the controller's parent you need to change the null's parent instead, but definitely worth it for the "frozen transformations" result 🙂

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