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  1. Super interesting video, thanks! It all looks and sounds really complicated but I think that just requires lots of practice. If you're thinking on doing more of these in the future, I'd definitely be down!

  2. You should do more of these also try giving tutorials using other editing software's as well also don't be afraid they aren't super different from photoshop and others kinda allow you to add different tools through download so if you are missing something you can easily get it.

  3. I was first thinking "nah, i don't really edit pictures so no need…" But it was so interesting, I found myself watch all of it 😀 Thank you Robin! It is so pretty!! Your thumbnails have no secret anymore!!!

  4. Do you have more photoshop tutorials? If not, I would love to see some more. I’m complete trash at any photoshopping or digital art so vids like these help a lot

  5. Nice video dude! Thanks for going through some of these stuff, now I need to try out Photoshop again next month! (only use one premiere product a month since it's so fucking expensive) 
    Also, how dare you tease me like that?! You know watching you play Fortnite is my ultimate wet dream… haha

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