Photoshop Painting Process – Mrs. Maria

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Mrs. Maria of the Star Clock Tower, my favorite bloody character

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  1. Ты рисуешь невероятно красивые вещи! Я бы с удовольствием посмотрел фильм в такой стилистике.
    Если есть русские ребята, поставьте лайк на коммент.
    Давайте покажем ему, что у него есть и СНГ фанаты 🙂

  2. I can follow decently until 0:58, after which magic happens. How do you switch between various grays and it makes sense?? by 2:22 the painting is effectively finished concept-wise, it's just all detail work to the end. Really incredible eye for proportions and color, really well done.

  3. You're a very inspiring artist. I love your art and webcomic.
    As a fellow artist who is still looking for her own art style, you inspired me to come out of my shell of self-ridicule. Have an awesome November WLOP! 🍁😊

  4. I am absolutely blown away by the amount of detail this artist creates with such a simplicety. If u see the process that gives the depth to the caracters and surroundings , its not 10s of thousands of lines. Its a just few but incredible precise lines. Also this blurring at some points creating Detail where he did not even draw Detail is amazing

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