Take a basic photo and make it amazing by editing and grooming

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Watch me retouch and edit this portrait in Photoshop CC!!

Frequency separation video:

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  1. Hi jessica! you can use median on a selection with soft edges instead of heal.. works faster, and also looks more uniform.. just select an area with the same luminosity (dont mix shadows with highlights) with a fading of about 20px and then apply a median filter of 10-30px depending on the image… better applying less and multiple times..

  2. Photoshop 2019 is super slow, looks like it's not using the Graphics Card optimizer on the machine. So just install 2018 again. That's why it's so slow for you. I guess Adobe will fix the bug.

  3. could you please do a video on photoshop basics for beginners? i've just started taking photos and everything seems super difficult and I love how you explain things!! pretty please 🙂

  4. I get editing with Photoshop is better but doesn't it take a loooooooooooot of time because you have to repeat your editing over and over,I really want to start editing with Photoshop but it really seems like it needs time that I don't really ever have 😭😭😭

  5. Good way to describe luminosity would be, you can make exposure adjustments without affecting the color in the images. For example, adding contrast in a curves adjustment layer can add more saturation to the color, but if the layer is set to luminosity, the color won’t saturate as much or at all. 🙂

  6. Thank you Jessica for this awesome video! you are the reason I know edit more in PS rather than Lightroom because everything feels more real. Your an amazing photographer and I appreciate you taking the time out your day to teach these wonderful tips! (:

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