After Effects Tutorial – Minimal Title Introduction Animation in After Effects

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Hey, in this After Effects tutorial, we'll use shape layers and some really cool tricks to create a minimal and clean title animation in the post-effects. This tutorial is purely focused on beginners, so if you are not familiar with post-effects, then this post-effects tutorial is perfect for you. This tutorial will also cover other topics, such as how to create a title in a post-effect, create a text animation in a post-effect, how to use a track mask in a post-effect, and how to create an introduction in a post-effect…

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  1. hey I've been watching your videos of animations for insta story but I do not know how to save it correctly so it doesn't loose quality could you please explain to me?

  2. Thank U4 Ure great videos! Can U tell me how a i save these as one(mp4, mkv etc) video file so that i can use in another program. Im a Basketball trainer and works like to add a nice intro to my training clips but I'm not real familiar with this program thank you I use another program that's a lot simpler to me that I learned 10 years ago

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