How to make your photos look professional in Photoshop!

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In this tutorial, I'll introduce some simple retouching features that can be added in photoshop to make your photos look more professional. This technique of lifting shadows is almost the cornerstone of any retro effect or other cool color effects.

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  1. No offence, but not to my taste. Altering the color channels is almost split toning. To me the photo ended up lacking in dynamic contrast and sharpness and very dark in foreground and no detail in the sky. Sorry, personal taste

  2. No offence, what you got after is what i always get just by taking pics . . accidentally :))) . I always want to get the "after" like your one in "before". Your after is to hazy .

  3. really good Justin. Good to see you back. Feels like it's been a while. New mic is great. 聽Nice sound quality. And the intro is very smooth…very pro!! lol nice work and thank you

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